Everyone wants the ideal job – good working conditions and excellent pay – and today many of us apply for new positions online and via email. While our digital age offers many benefits, it has also opened the door to scammers who send out fake job offers.

If you receive a job offer that appears to come from MOL Group, how do you know if it’s genuine? Below are our Top 10 Tips for spotting fake job offers.

1. MOL Group Never Sends Unsolicited Job Offers

Our company doesn’t approach a person regarding a job if that person has not applied for it on our digital platforms. The way to show interest is to apply directly for a job that has been listed on either our LinkedIn Career Page, or on our Career Portal Page.
We NEVER randomly approach people with job offers.

2. No Job Is Offered Without Interviews

Applying online is just the first step in the job application processes at MOL Group. If our recruitment team contacts someone who has applied for a position, it is because that person is being considered for the second step – the first round of interviews.
We NEVER hire someone we’ve not met/spoken to.

3. MOL Group Never Asks Applicants To Pay

We never expect payment from an applicant – not for the submitting of CVs, online applications, interviews, or any other scenario. We invest great time and effort in finding the right talents – once we’ve found them, the success they help us achieve is the only payback we’re looking for.
We pay you (once you’re employed); you NEVER pay us.

4. Be Alert To Strange-looking Email Addresses

In some email clients, a sender is identified only by a name. However, when you click on that name you will usually see a full address. Always check such addresses – if the email comes from a non-corporate address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.), then it is not an official email. Also, keep an eye open for email addresses that have a typo – again, an indicator that the email is not from MOL Group.
All of our employees have OFFICIAL MOL Group email addresses (e.g. @MOL.hu)

5. Be Alert To Poor Use Of English

While it is true that occasional errors might appear in an email’s text, if the quality of English is very poor, it was not written by one of our recruitment experts.
If an email is full of spelling/grammatical ERRORS, it didn’t come from us.

6. Don’t Trust Incorrect Contact Address

While MOL Group’s HQ is in Budapest, Hungary, we also have numerous other offices around the world. If you receive correspondence that comes from a country where MOL Group is not present, the communication did not come from us. To check official addresses, visit molgroup.info. At the bottom of the home page is an interactive map – click on a country and it will give you the official contact details.
Our contact addresses are CLEARLY LISTED. Please check first.

7. Be Suspicious Of Vague Job Descriptions

When advertising an available position, our recruitment experts take the time to give as much relevant information as possible. Our employment pages highlight the scope of the job, the employee’s main tasks, and the requirements that he/she must have (experience, qualifications, etc.).
If a job description is vague, it WASN’T written by us.

8. We Never Ask For Private Information

Scams almost always start by telling you that you’ve been personally selected for an incredible opportunity, and then a little later in the communication you are asked to provide private details for the processing of your application. At MOL Group we never ask for personal information when discussing a potential job. If you’re not actually employed by us, we have no interest in your bank account details, your social security number, or any other such information.
We NEVER ask for private information from a potential employee.

9. Strange Formatting

Fake job offers sometimes feature an emailed image – the image typically being a typed letter with ‘official’ stamps of approval and images relating to a company or place. Others feature formatting issues that would never be approved by a legitimate company (images of signatures, logos used at the wrong size or with the wrong placement, colours that don’t match with the genuine company’s branded materials, etc.). Look at our websites and LinkedIn page to see how MOL Group is visually branded.
If an email ‘looks’ wrong, it often IS WRONG.

10. We Contact You By Phone, Not The Other Way Around

If we want to talk, MOL Group will arrange a time for us to reach out to you. Similar to point 6 in our list, don’t just check the listed physical address of a company, also be alert to unusual telephone numbers - especially if the person contacting you is asking that you “quickly respond by dialling this number.” There is a strong chance that you are being asked to call a number that will lead to a very expensive call appearing on your next telephone bill.
If MOL Group is interested in continuing your application process and needs to speak to you directly, we will contact YOU.