Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

At MOL Group, diversity means all the ways we differ. It includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity, language, talents as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles and nationality. Inclusion means creating a working culture where differences are valued and everyone is heard, where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives. The aim is to make MOL Group a place where people feel involved, respected and connected.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion important?

  • Attraction and retention of talents: The world's workforce is more diverse than ever before, due to global business operations. As employee value propositions expectations continue to change, MOL Group success depends on our ability to attract, motivate, and retain this increasingly diverse pool of talent.
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity: Studies show that employees who feel respected, valued, and engaged develop stronger relationships and become more involved in their work. This leads to more effective teamwork, enhanced decision-making, increased creativity and innovation, lower absenteeism and staff turnover, and reduced costs.
  • Stronger customer/market focus: A diverse workforce and inclusive employment practices ensure that we better understand our increasingly varied customer base, as well as building stronger relationships with them.

How do we achieve it?

As a start we updated our 3-year D&I framework with the following 3 pillars:

  • Gender: We aim to support our female colleagues through several initiatives such as Female Engineers MOL Programme, KPIs for recruitment, during and after maternity programs, and career advancement.
  • Age: Our goal is to soften the generational differences amongst our employees by utilizing their different learning styles and knowledge. This initiative is supported with reverse mentoring, internal academy, the re-engagement of our retired colleagues etc.
  • Families and Wellbeing: We set out to establish a more family centered culture by introducing and enhancing flexible work opportunities, financial support for families with newborn, Kindergarden possibilities, personalized elements of our benefits system based on each MOL Group companies’ practices and legislative environment.

When will it happen?

The Diversity and Inclusion Framework is not a project with an exact timeline. It’s a commitment aiming to create an organizational culture where differences are regarded as values that contribute to the development of a corporate culture of respect, mutual dignity, and understanding. By integrating Diversity into our everyday operations and business practices, everyone can feel supported and involved. The creativity, perspectives and ideas of our diverse workforce will create a productive and efficient work environment, leveraging long term business value by making the organization more capable of adaptation.

Diversity and InclusionAt MOL Group we believe that Diversity & Inclusion activities present a long-term development and strategic process where all of us should work together towards a common goal to ensure a more sustainable future. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting diversity is one of MOL Group’s core values. How does this impact your work?
“We work in an international environment, and in my experience with MOL Group I've had the opportunity to work with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds - all of whom share the same common goals: success for the company and personal development. When we truly embrace diversity in our daily work, we become more flexible, more balanced and more structured. Diversity is a solid building block for all our activities, relationships and decisions.”