Technical/Professional Development

MOL Group recognises that petroleum professionals’ development is crucial to future success in the oil & gas industry.

Technical/Professional Development

Learning at the core of MOL Group

MOL Group established its Internal Academy platform to provide access to learning for its employees in various business subjects. Internal Academy also offers structured technical learning programmes. These are delivered by MOL Group’s best technical experts in fields that range from basic courses (E&P and Downstream short overview courses along the value chain) to post-graduate academic studies conducted in co-operation with University of Pannonia. Beyond the classroom day-to-day learning experiences are at hand such as self-paced technical e-learning (containing more than 800 modules in Petroleum technology) through DS Production job rotation to various mentoring programs.

Technical/Professional Development


Mentoring programs are ongoing around MOL Group companies at all career stages and disciplines, so participants can enjoy the benefits of knowledge sharing, giving and receiving valuable insights and guidance even across organizational and country borders.

Downstream Development Academy

Downstream Development Academy (DSD Academy) is a postgraduate program providing a deeper understanding of refining and petrochemical technologies to colleagues working across MOL Group. We offer this program for emplyoees who are interested in learning more about DS technologies and would like to earn an Advanced Professional Engineer / Hydrocarbon Technology Development Engineer qualification from the University of Pannonia.

Value Chain Academy

MOL Group Downstream Value Chain Academy (VCA) is a postgraduate program that has been launched in September, 2017 the first time in cooperation with the University of Pannonia. VCA is the continuation of the well-known PIMS Academy keeping its good and proven parts but adjusted with the different needs of the new business environment and organizational setup.

The program aims to educate specialists working not exclusively for Downstream Commerce & Optimisation but for any DS segments to be able to deal with the complex challenges of Oil & Gas supply chain business activities by acquiring solid knowledge of professional, market leading softwares.

NEXT Downstream Production Leadership Development Program

NEXT Downstream Production Leadership Development Program has been launched the first time in 2016 with the aim to establish managerial succession pool in Downstream Production area. The program targets those technical professionals who work at Commerce & Optimisation and Technology & Development as well as production sites throughout the Group and have the potential for becoming part of the talent pool for next generation leaders. The 15 months learning journey covers 3 pillars: Overall Value Chain knowledge, Leadership skills, English proficiency and presentation skills.