Career and Development

At MOL Group our colleagues work on a series of challenging projects, ensuring that they acquire new experiences and knowledge. Our objective is to provide continuous development for our colleagues who contribute to the sustainable success of our company.

Career and Development

Besides achieving business results, behaving in line with MOL Group’s values and leadership excellence are equally important; our managers need to be able to create a positive and collaborative team spirit and working environment.

MOL Group Values:

  • People – We put people first
  • Customers - All for the customer, and for the customer all
  • Ownership – Our company, our responsibility
  • Agility - We drive the change that will shape our future

In MOL Group we differentiate between leadership and expert career paths. Employees who are identified as having leadership potential through Performance & Career Management system, and express strong motivation and willingness to pursue a leadership career path, are continuously assessed and developed to be ready to take over potential managerial roles when the opportunity arises. To support it, individual development plans and activities are defined and set up to ensure the smooth landing the new position/ assignment.

Those employees who are excellent performers and are keen on developing further their professional expertise are steered in the direction of an expert career path, with constant improvement of key knowledge and skills.

Career and DevelopmentHow has MOL Group helped in your professional advancement?
“I joined MOL Group in 2010, and have been working in the Procurement Department ever since. As a member of a developing team, I acquired collaboration and assertive communication skills. I have learned how effective teamwork comes from close cooperation with colleagues and other organizations. Today, I work with my own team in an effective environment – one where we continue to learn more about communication and leadership.”

Career and DevelopmentHow does ‘innovation’ feature in your work?
“We’re working with, and for, people who live in a world that changes with every click. In the ‘Internet of Everything’ era, we are surrounded by information, ideas and transformations. Adapting to this requires courage and the strength to go beyond our own limits – to constantly learn new things. Innovation arises from this and it helps us live up to the standards of the people we work with and the beneficiaries of our work – the customer. Innovation is a part of our work each day.”