Our Employees

Our Employees

MOL Group employees are the key to the company’s success. We foster a culture of diversity, listening, sharing and learning across four generations from 32 nationalities, working in 30 countries. At every level of the company, we promote openness and equality, and we are on a journey to transform our culture for the better. Our objective is to ensure continuous development opportunities for our colleagues who contribute to the sustainable success of our company.

Explore opportunities offered by MOL Group, whether you are a student, a graduate or an experienced professional. Discover how to make an impact in the Oil & Gas Industry and in the Innovative Businesses and Services.

Our EmployeesIf someone asked you why you work for MOL Group, what reasons would you give?
“It allows me to work in a diverse and dynamic team. Overcoming challenges in the workplace each day, this is the fastest way to learn and develop professionally. The strength of our Group comes from applying cutting-edge technology and international best practices, but also from a deliberate and strong focus on social responsibility, diversity, education and promoting excellence.”

Our EmployeesHow do you ensure quality, one of MOL Group’s key values?
“Working in procurement, quality is one of our most important criteria. To provide this we develop good relationships with suppliers and stakeholders, and ensure a necessary flow of information. To develop ourselves we organize workshops and professional days for business units, stakeholders and suppliers. We improve processes using the Lean approach, and continuously work to be flexible and to react quickly to market changes. I am proud to influence and improve one of MOL's key values.”

Our EmployeesIn your job at MOL Group, how important is ‘trust’?
“I joined MOL in 2008, and believe that trust is one of the most important values for a successful company. I work with teams whose activities are built on a foundation of people trusting that their teammates can successfully complete the tasks relevant to success. Team members who feel they are in a trusting environment are more willing to raise and discuss concerns that are relevant to our goals.”