HSE management system

This guideline provides direction and conceptual guidance for managers who wish to embed HSE into their businesses by describing a consistent HSE Management System (HSE MS) for MOL Group. The Guideline describes the essential minimum elements (of which there are 16) of an HSE function and management system. It includes the requirement that the system must be set up in a way that it can be externally certified according to an international management system standard.

The HSE Management System contains only guideline-level expectations which need to be broken down into specific local processes and methodologies in order to ensure their applicability to the business level. Based on the 16 elements of the Guideline we have identified top-level HSE processes (that are described in the so-called Group Practices) which summarize the key requirements and processes that apply to individual member companies.

A new initiative in 2013, the so-called ‘HSE Toolbox’ – a collection of industry best practices, templates, forms, compliance questionnaires and other supporting documents – was established and made accessible for use by all the MOL Group member companies.

 HSE Management System