Commitments to external initiatives

MOL Group is committed to maintain a good working relationship with several local and international professional organizations and lobbies of EU.

Most important issues discussed in 2017 within the framework of the professional organizations where MOL Group holds membership were:

  • EU ETS post 2020 reforms
  • Shareholders Right Directive
  • Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive
  • Renewable Energy Directive II.
  • Oil Stocks Directive Revision
  • Monitoring framework for the circular economy
  • Energy Efficiency Directive
  • EU Winter Package
  • Fuel Quality Directive
  • Driving Clean Mobility legislative package
  • Revision of the Gas Directive
  • Refinery BREF
  • Waste Incineration BREF
  • Medium Combustion Plants Directive
  • Revision of REACH
  • Poison Center notification under CLP
  • Data Protection Directive
  • Energy governance regulation
  • National Emission Reductions Directive
  • Waste Framework Directive

MOL Group spent 1,03 mEUR on various industry initiative membership fees in 2017, including in the organisations listed below, where such fees are required.