Reports & Data

MOL Group decided that the most efficient way of public reporting on sustainability is the preparation of an integrated annual report. Integrated reporting in MOL Group means presenting the economic, social and environmental aspects of our value creation process in one comprehensive report. The most recent Annual Report can be downloaded from here.

Management approach to reporting

MOL Group’s management approach regarding the presentation of material impacts and sustainability performance is to publish relevant information where it is most likely to be looked for by our stakeholder and most easily accessible.

The Annual Report’s main audience is assumed to be our shareholders, investors and sustainability analysts interested in the annual performance of the company. Our webpage is tailored to provide detailed information to all our stakeholders on our impacts, policies and projects.

We prepared the guideline below to help navigation and understanding (relevant information of each level can be found on the links):


The impacts and policies of our operations are presented in the summary of our annual report and in the thematic chapters on our website: Climate change, Environment,
Health and Safety,
Human Capital, Communities, Ethics and Governance


In order to respond to our impacts, we set targets and goals which are summarised in our Sustainable Development Strategy


Our results and achievements are described in the Performance data section of our website and in our Annual Report


We show project examples underlying our results and achievements in our Case Studies

About MOL Group’s sustainability reporting

The sustainability performance data included in the Annual Report is reviewed by an independent auditor (please see the assurance statement for the specific scope) and the assurance process is planned and performed in accordance with the International Federation of Accountants’ ISAE3000 standard and also with AA1000AS audit standard.

The Annual Report, together with MOL Group’s website, meets the requirements of the comprehensive level of GRI Standards Sustainability Guidelines (including the Oil and Gas Sector Disclosures).

The GRI compliance table for MOL and a detailed analysis of our compliance with IPIECA and UN Global Principles can be found here.