Health protection and promotion

Health risks are assessed and managed by prevention and protection, providing employees with information and educational initiatives. MOL Group’s workplace health promotion programs serve as an additional tool to increase the personal health awareness of our workforce not only at the workplace, but also in their private lives.

MOL Group conducted health management gap analysis at all operating companies in order to identify the critical gaps to our standards and required level of compliance, and set appropriate actions to eliminate them in an acceptable period of time. We believe that by implementing the identified and approved development actions MOL Group definitely takes a step ahead towards providing healthy workplaces and appropriate health management, including emergency response for all employees.

According to MOL Group health management principles we order health screenings at least once per 3 years to all of our employees based on a detailed screening protocol (depending on the nature of their work). Besides this, we conduct screenings for known health risks (such as diabetes, cholesterol, stool blood test, calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI), etc.) and we draw up an individual health plan for all of our employees. Individual health plans are a professional starting point, but we also offer special workplace health promotion programs to our employees, that include medical screenings (cardiovascular package, cancer prevention package, musculo-skeletal package, vaccination programs), healthy life style advice, dietary advice, stopping smoking programs and a wide range of physical activity programs.

At the Family Days that are organized by the companies, the family members of our employees have the opportunity to participate in health screening for different health risks (diabetes, cholesterol, BMI, etc.).

Health promotion programs are organized locally in order to contribute to both the health and well-being of employees. Some selected best practices include: Healthy food Program at Slovnaft, HEALTH+ program at INA and STEP – Take a step for your health – program at MOL.

For our colleagues travelling to and working in countries with a high risk or incidence of communicable diseases we conduct medical screening before travelling and after, and we supply the required vaccinations as well. MOL Group is providing 24/7 services for any medical evacuation (MEdEvac) needed around the globe for its expatriates and travellers, and in special situations the local employees of MOL operations if medically necessary, by contracting one of the leader service providers of the industry.