Emergency preparedness and response

MOL Group operated and Emergency Preparedness and Response system to ensure that in case of unplanned, emergency events, all necessary measures are in place to protect the public, MOL Group´s own and contracted workforce, assets and the environment.

The risk of outbreaks of fire is a problem that faced by the entire oil & gas and petrochemical industry. It is therefore in our best interest to reduce this risk and increase the level of general fire prevention and protection. By enforcing current regulation, we continuously increase the level of fire safety. Our investments into modern materials, structures and technologies help us reduce the risk of fires and their potential consequences. Even though the main core of our fire safety strategy is prevention, the development of modern and effective fire-detection and built-in fire-fighting systems, the renewal of fire-fighting water networks and the use of the most modern fire-fighting agents and equipment are further contributing to improving the efficiency of MOL Group´s fire-fighting capabilities.

Emergency drills and exercises are conducted regularly at all sites, not only for our professional and voluntary industrial fire brigades but for operators as well – often with the participation of local (municipal or state) fire brigades, especially at refineries and petrochemical sites.