Responsibility in marketing processes

Customers are one of our main stakeholders. Therefore, we strive for providing high quality customer service and product information, and for measuring satisfaction rate to continuously improve our products and services.

Wholesale Customer Service

The Wholesale and Marketing Business Unit provides its customers with a complex product and service package, which means that in addition to selling fuels and various other products, it also offers value-added services related to transportation and usage.

Our Wholesale Customer Service began operations in February 2005 in Hungary. The primary objective of this unit is to provide better and more accurate services to customers, to manage incoming information in a standardized manner, and to continuously analyze customer inquiries and monitor requests deriving from these activities. Its scope of operation was subsequently increased to include telephone-based Customer Service Sales Order Entry available daily between 7 am and 5 pm. Besides order entry, contractual partners can also receive information on the status of outstanding orders, billing issues, as well as information on various products and services.

Wholesale Customer Service agents constantly collect up-to-date information from our sales representatives and from colleagues in different units. They also monitor customer enquiries and based on information received regularly participate in professional training sessions. The aim of such training is to further develop their communications skills, as well as deepen their professional product knowledge.

As an indicator of outstanding services, our Customer Service is listed among Qualified Bidders published by the Hungarian Public Procurement Council every year. The sales organization is ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Standard certified. Quality improvement in the organization is based on monthly and quarterly agent reports. Strict performance standards underlie our activities, such as allowed missed-call ratio of maximum 5% and an answer time limited to 15 minutes for 90% of incoming calls.

Wholesale Customer Satisfaction

MOL Group has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys among its wholesale customers since 2002, with the aim of understanding customers’ expectations towards our company. The scope of the surveys are determined by MOL Group commercial and business strategy with focus on core markets. Lubricant product group results are consolidated into MOL and Slovnaft wholesale satisfaction indices. Surveys are conducted on these markets by independent market research companies. Based on the loyalty segments and satisfaction matrix, improving actions are quantified and implemented to the company’s quality objectives. The actions are monitored quarterly and modified according to the results of the survey each year.

Sample the opinion of more than 1500 customers is collected

Dimensions analyzed: loyalty, general image, behaviour of sales representatives, product-specific questions, deliveries, pricing and terms, order management, customer service


Scope of CSS

Entity CSS methodology Card Fuel Lubricants Chemicals Bitumen LPG Heating oil
MOL Hungary
  • computer-assisted telephone interviews every odd years
  • focus group interviews by external agency every even year
Slovnaft, Slovakia Online survey and follow-up calls by external agency        
INA, Croatia
  • Computer-assisted telephone interviews and in-depth interviews by external agency every even year starting 2014
  • Survey sent by post every odd year
INA, Croatia Online survey prepared by MOL RO Marketing Department          

MOL Group Card portfolio

We serve our customers with a fuel card to grant them safe and convenient payment across the region. During the last 3 years we expanded our card acceptor network from 6 to 10 countries. Now, more than 4000 service stations are ready to serve MOL Group Cards customers. We do not only supply them with fuel at our filling stations, MOL Group Cards also care about the efficiency and improvement of their customers’ businesses. MOL Group Cards customers enjoy the benefits of online card centre, VAT refund, toll payment and truck assistance services as well.

Combining customer convenience with sustainable development we introduced electronic invoicing in 2012. Just in the last 3 years we issued above 1 million e-invoices with which we saved more than 2,5 million sheets of papers. Today, almost 50% of MOL Group Cards customers requested electronic invoicing.

We desperately keep on developing innovations like online tools, expanding network or increasing safety, to serve our existing and prospective cardholders.

Wholesale Customer Claims in 2016

Number of customers 32,491 88 3,105 345 183 234 544 27 142 34,054
Number of orders 146,601 12,798 64,442 1,773 17,736 1,168 24,521 n/a 3,733 193,759
Number of claims 20 3 298 8 27 3 7 19 63 448
Claim / order ratio 0.01% 0.023% 0.46% 0.05 0.15% 0.26% 0.03% n/a 1.6% 0.23%


MOL’s Retail Division, which operates a service station network across 10 countries, aims to deliver to its customers high quality products and a wide variety of services that exceed their expectations and satisfy their daily needs.

The main communication channels of Retail are the stations themselves, where we regularly organise promotional events for customers. Customer loyalty is encouraged in the form of loyalty platforms that we use to enhance customer retention. The customer service centre provides information to clients and customers about products, services and activities through personal contact or via phone. The Call Center has the technical background appropriate for effectively operating the customer service facilities, informing customers, answering their questions and receiving and investigating complaints. The Call Center is open 24 hours a day and also provides ongoing smooth support for banking and fuel card-related issues.

MOL subsidiary companies are also developing new ways to interact with and better understand customers. For example, MOL Austria started a “Day on the Road” project where office employees were offered a chance to spend one day with the company’s truck drivers, and to learn more about their work, while Slovnaft developed the Staffino mobile app which allows customers to send instant feedback about their experience at service stations (e.g. about food quality or staff). In 2016, customers made 3,777 evaluations, from which equipment and services were identified as the problematic issues. At INA, a call centre was introduced to the Commercial Sector in order to provide a better ordering service for entities who buy heating oil. INA buyers can also order using an online form that is available on INA’s webpage, and receive a confirmation SMS with the exact date of delivery.

For MOL Group Retail is very important to satisfy our customers’ needs in the best way. Therefore, it was clear from regional customer research that our core brands (MOL, SLOVNAFT and INA) in the core markets are the most meaningful ones. This means those brands are in the best way, every day, satisfying our customers’ functional and emotional needs.

MOL Group also tracks the customer complaints on a yearly basis. Customer complaints are tracked as the number of complaints per million transactions. Since 2012, a general increasing trend in the number of customer complaints can be observed. Below presented data show the average number of complaints/million transactions in Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia.

The reason for increased number of increased number of customer complaints derives from:

  • Better awareness of the rights deriving from the consumer quality
  • The existence of an increasing number of environmentally and socially conscious customers due to the governmental awareness-building campaigns
  • Issues concerning the fulfilment of guarantee and warranty obligations connected with promotional activities which resulted in the selling of a high number of items

MOL Group Retail remains dedicated serving the customers on the move and being their best choice. We will continue pursuing the excellence by providing relevant top quality products and services while being the best hosts for all our customers.

The “Who is our customer” research project started in 2015 and was ongoing in 2016. The research comprised several major stages: a Qualitative Phase, TGI Analysis, and a Quantitative Phase and was carried out in five countries (the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania).

In 2016, in the latest phase of the research, 1,200 participants between the ages of 18-59 were involved from Hungary. This group consisted of both drivers and non-drivers in a representative sample according to gender, age, region, and settlement size. The research resulted in valuable information about the two strategic customer segments who visit MOL service stations and who account for 60% of fuel and 90% of non-fuel sales. The research also validates the implementation of our new customer-centric initiatives (HOST program, new fuel strategy, Fresh Corner concept).


MOL Group Petrochemicals puts outstanding attention to the quality of its products and services in 9 countries, through its own sales network and in more than 40 countries where its products are sold.

At the Petrochemicals division, we have set the goal of achieving business excellence by putting quality first throughout our operations. We continually strive to develop the quality of our products and services to meet the expectations of our customers, legal regulations, European Union requirements and the challenges of the market-place.

We operate an independently certified quality management system in the business units of the division, including the production of monomers and polyolefin through product development to sales.

Our development projects attach high priority to using safe, environmentally friendly and healthy processes and solutions also in the distribution of products and pay special attention to meeting the requirements of our key accounts.

We provide support to our customers for processing our products and our Technical Service unit deliver technical assistance on site if problems arise.

We constantly have our products validated by external rating institutions to certify that they meet safety requirements for plastics according to international standards (e.g. food, drinking-water, pharmaceutical safety requirements).

Customer satisfaction survey

MOL Group regularly (annually) conducts customer satisfaction research using a sample size of 550-600 chosen from among the most important Domestic (Hungarian, Slovakian) and European polymer partners of MOL Group. The objectives of the analysis are to monitor the satisfaction level of our partners, to identify the companies’ strengths, and to pinpoint areas in need of development, as well as to track performance trends.

In the autumn of 2016, we conducted this satisfaction research using a sample size of 579 of which 456 successful interviews were conducted. Similarly to last year, MOL performs well in terms of maintaining contact with customers (availability and competency of sales experts) and delivering on time. Product quality proved to be the main reason that customers use MOL Group, and 71% of respondents evaluated MOL as being more reliable than its competitors. To offer a better and more customer-focused service, we plan to improve the price publishing process.

Looking at the trend results, MOL managed to keep its positive image in the majority of the areas and achieved higher results even than its competitors.

Product portfolio

Our product portfolio is being optimized continuously. One of the guiding principles of the product portfolio development project was to harmonise SLOVNAFT, a.s. (SN) and MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (MPC) production through the introduction of a new market driven portfolio designed to meet customer requirements more efficiently, and to set up a new direction towards sophisticated products. Developing the product range improves customer loyalty and helps to build up a stable and reliable customer portfolio. Efficiency improvements may not only be observed in effectively meeting customer demand, but also reduction of the number of grades in the portfolio helps to reduce production complexity, prolong production cycles and produce less off-grade materials.

During the past years we have implemented several technical innovations and technological developments. As a result, now we can more flexibly and quickly react upon changes in customers’ demands.

Based on market demands and following the analysis of our competitors’ products we have developed new competitive products and further developed also several existing products. Our goal is to develop a more competitive product portfolio through producing, in addition to the so-called „commodity+” „tailor made” products designed specifically for our costumers’ needs and offering added value.

Due to that several PETCHEM+ projects have been launched in the end of 2016.

  • To cover the propylene derivatives market we are investigating the possibility of polyol production, as a value chain extension into semi-commodity products.
  • We are interested in entering to a specialty market, to the market of superabsorbent polymers by establishing production within MOL Group through a JV/ partnership.
  • To diversify existing portfolio we are opened for acquisition/ partnership with a polypropylene compounder.
  • In harmony with the market requirement MOL Group intend to develop into bio & recyclable products on mid-term.
  • Our customer and market-oriented approach is also reflected in the pursuit to offer complex polymer solutions through out trading other special polymer products.

Sector oriented marketing concept

In harmony with the new industrial sector focused business approach individual (Packaging and Automotive sector) catalogues have been issued and introduced on K-fair in 2016. Feedback about the new catalogues was very positive. In the future we are planning to compile and design the catalogues of the two other strategic sectors (Goods, Construction & Building) and in line with this approach we also plan to restructure the content of our website.

Over the practices of previous years MOL Group Petrochemicals took part not only on plastic fairs (like Plastpol in Kielce, Poland and K-Show in Düsseldorf), but presented itself on packaging and Automotive exhibitions as well just to get closer to our customers. The great success proved the legitimacy of the new concept, and forces us to continue to organize customer events accordingly focusing on the industry sectors.


Lubricants Division of MOL Group has long ago realized the importance of monitoring and fulfilling customer needs. Our vision is to become first choice of customers as lubrication solution provider of the European industry.

In order to complete our corporate mission and achieve maximal customer satisfaction, we are operating various supporting systems of customer relationship management. Following the Hungarian wholesale operation we are about to introduce customer service level survey in our export operation to make sure that our customers are happy with the products and the services we provide them.

Customer Service Centre

We sell lubricants and auto chemicals in over 40 countries. The objective of our customer management team is to provide full professional support to our partners in the processing of orders and the organization of the transport of products, as needed. We also operate a call centre during normal working times.

Professional tribilogy expert advisory team

We have introduced a lubricant support helpdesk (the so-called ‘tribilogy’ expert advisory team) for our domestic and international customers. The aim is to provide professional support for our products and services, both automotive and industrial lubricants. We also organise training for customers on regular basis; moreover, we are ready to arrange local specialized training on demand for our dealers on their own premises.


In order to avoid misleading advertising, we thoroughly examine the intelligibility of the messages we seek to convey. Most commonly, this means doing research with focus groups, where participants are able to express their opinions and insights about particular messages and visuals. We use this method at the early and mid-phases of developing advertisements so as to obtain continuous feedback about how understandable and clear the messages we want to communicate are.

In addition, all of our communication materials are checked by our Legal department - both at the Group level and locally in countries where MOL Group operates - before they are released to the public. This process promotes more responsible advertising.


MOL Group is continuously assessing substances that are used by consumers which may have harmful effects on human health or the environment (substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxic – CMR; persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic – PBT; or very persistent or very bioaccumulative - vPvB) within the frame of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation. Declarations of compliance with REACH, as well as the relevant material safety data sheets, are available on our websites:

In addition, in 2016, two new registration dossiers for substances manufactured by INA (Vacuum gas oil, light and Vacuum gas oil, heavy) were successfully submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) which implements REACH regulation. These will inform customers about the products and their impact on human health and the environment.


Retail is continually initiating programs that promote the safety of customers and the environment. For example, defibrillators were installed at selected highway stations, visual checks were organized for drivers, and in 2017 we plan to introduce a new Consumer Awareness Safety program.

MOL Hungary organized customer health screening at ten service stations. These included eye checks, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar, blood pressure, and bone-density tests.