Gas oils (diesel)

Developments in diesel engine fuel quality are driven by ever-increasing efforts to protect the environment. In line with legal regulations, motor vehicle manufacturers are expected to reduce gradually vehicle emissions, especially the quantity of emitted gases responsible for the greenhouse effect (primarily carbon-dioxide).

This implies changes in the composition of fuels. Along with improvements in engine construction, continuous improvements must also be achieved in the use of additives and in other gasoline properties. In improving its fuels, MOL has paid special attention to current trends in engine development, i.e. to the introduction of high pressure direct injection gasoline engines and the spread of modern afterburner catalysts.

During the development of gasoline types, MOL adhered to EU norms, and improved the most important properties from a user’s point of view. Going beyond the EU specifications, we reduced gasoil sulphur content to 0.2 % wt. in 1992, and again to 0.05 %wt. in 1997. Its cold start CFPP value was reduced to –15 °C in 1997, and then to –20 °C in 1999.

In 1987, Bratislava Refinery introduced diesel containing up to 0,15 % wt. sulphur in its market. From 1991 to 2000, diesel with maximum 0.05 % wt sulphur content was marketed by Slovnaft. From 2000 onwards, Hungarian and Slovak standards were adapted to meet the quality requirements of EU specifications.

Gasoil quality improvements required by the EU standards and directives primarily focusing on the reduction of sulphur content and the introduction of bio content:

  • According to the diesel standard (EN590:2009), the level of sulphur content in diesels is maximized at 10 mg/kg
  • In 2010, INA introduced sulphur free diesel to the Croatian market.
  • Bratislava Refinery introduced sulphur-free diesel in January 2004 and since July 2005, MOL is selling sulphur-free diesel.
  • Since May 2006, Bratislava Refinery produces diesel containing up to 5 % vol. of FAME for Slovak market and since 2008 MOL Diesel contains up to 5 % vol. of FAME in Hungary.
  • Recently MOL Danube Refinery and Slovnaft Bratislava Refinery have produced diesel containing up to 7 % vol. of FAME

As our motor gasoil provides protection against corrosion, wearing processes and gumming, it is an ideal fuel for the most modern high-pressure injection systems and traditional diesel engines, as well.


The main benefits of the using of renewed main grade EVO diesel are the following:

  • 60% deposit removing on newer Turbo-charged, Direct Injection Common rail diesel engines, where injectors fouling can appear due to deposits created by the fuel
  • 57% less power loss on newer Turbo-charged, Direct Injection common rail diesel engines, compared to the reference fuel.
  • 66% less injector fouling on older, conventional non-turbo-charged, indirect injection Diesel engines, compared to the reference fuel.


EVO Diesel PLUS is the premium grade of diesel, formulated with carefully selected blending components and state-of-the-art additives. EVO diesel PLUS, which is ranked among the best quality products in the domestic diesel market, was conceived as a result of an extensive fuel development program and an intensive testing phase.

During the formulation of EVO Diesel PLUS, the principal aim was to go far beyond the standard specifications, thereby fully satisfying the customers’ needs in fuel quality defined by the international engine and vehicle manufacturer associations and by drivers themselves. This fuel has been developed to be suitable for the latest engine constructions. EVO Diesel PLUS satisfies these expectations through the usage of special additives in carefully selected and refined components blended at optimized ratio.

The following features make EVO Diesel PLUS superior to conventional diesel types:

  • dynamic and comfortable drivability supported by special formulation and a fully synthetic performance package additive
  • exclusive, extra-winter formulation (Cold Filter Plugging Point: max. -40°C, Cloud point: max. -20°C) allows trouble-free cold startability even under extremely cold weather conditions
  • clean-up of injector- and engine deposits as well as protection against gum formation ensured by detergent-depressant additive
  • perfect combustion properties and the enhanced cetane leads to smooth idling, less noise and lower consumption
  • reducing harmful substance emissions in older and newest turbo diesel engines alike

As a result, a boosted engine performance and extended life-time can be achieved.


The MOL XXL Diesel fuel was optimized specially for the heavy duty diesel vehicles of transportation and agricultural sections. Thanks to the improved composition and special additivization the main benefits of using the MOL XXL Diesel

  • Up to 2-4% fuel economy in heavy duty diesels based on fleet tests, which results lower maintenance costs and lower CO2 emission
  • Lower deposit formulation tendency in fuel system and improved clean-up efficiency results enhanced engine lifetime
  • Higher storage and oxidation stability