Cleaner fuels

Cleaner fuels contribute significantly to the protection of the environment and of our health. Therefore, MOL Group makes every effort to produce fuels with reduced harmful emissions and higher renewable content.

The European Union seeks to promote cleaner fuels and to increase their market share, in each Member State. This will contribute to such EU objectives as meeting climate change commitments or environmentally friendly security of supply. According to the REN Directive on bio-fuels, Member States must ensure that a minimum proportion of bio- and other renewable fuels is made available in their marketplaces, and must set national indicative targets.

MOL already reached in 2005 full compliance with 2009 fuel quality standards regarding sulphur content. In compliance with regulations on bio-fuels MOL has developed fuels with a bio-component content to strengthen its regional position. Slovnaft started producing sulphur-free fuels in 2004, and in 2009 diesel production became 100% sulphur-free. Bratislava Refinery produces jet fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 10 mg/kg. In 2010, INA introduced sulphur-free (maximum 10 mg/kg sulphur) gasoline and diesel to the Croatian market.

MOL Group complies with EU requirements by blending bio-ethanol into gasolines, and FAME into gas oils in its various markets.

Fuel quality

The reduction of motor fuel’s impact on the environment plays an important part in our product development strategy. After the introduction of sulphur-free fuels, MOL started the production, blending and marketing of motor fuels containing bio-components, as specified by the Renewable Energy EU Directive, to contribute to decreasing greenhouse gase (GHG) emissions and dependence on crude oil imports.

The environment-friendly advantages of bio-fuels include, on one hand, the minimization of vehicle emissions, while on the other hand, a smaller environmental impact of the production process than that of fossil fuels. In July 2007, E5 gasoline (with bio-ethanol equivalent between 4.4 and 5 vol. %) was introduced to the Hungarian market. Slovnaft introduced B5 in Slovak market in 2005; E5 in 2006. We have continued the production and expanded the sales of B5 bio-diesel (5% FAME) in core markets such as Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and since January 2008, in the Hungarian market as well. Since July 2009, B7 is produced for Austrian and German markets in MOL and Slovnaft refineries.

As a result of gasoline and diesel performance additive packages developed in cooperation with international additive producers, our motor fuels sold at MOL and Slovnaft filling stations are of excellent quality. The application of state-of-the-art functional additives in appropriately processed blending components ensure excellent product application properties, including more dynamic drivability, longer engine lifetime accompanied by a decrease in harmful substance emissions. Our fully treated gasoline and diesel products are the best fuels for high performance engines and for those individuals who expect maximum performance from their vehicle.

Preservation of the quality of motor fuels containing bio-products can only be ensured through proper operating procedures for proper handling and maintenance in the entire logistic chain, including dewatering, complete draining, and other procedures to check mechanical and corrosion status in line with CEN TR 15367 Petroleum products - Automotive Motor Fuels – Guide.

During 2017 MOL Group introduced a renewed fuel range to ensure excellent caring effect on the internal combustion engine. The new and improved EVO (Class at INA) motor fuel line available across MOL Group service stations in Central Eastern Europe providing the drivers the same top quality throughout the region.

Thanks to the special additive treatment the new EVO gasoline remove the deposits and protect the engine parts against corrosion, so they keep the engine and fuel system more clean. According to the results of the performed engine tests, MOL EVO fuels with improved additive content efficiently decrease up to 58% of the existing deposits. As a result, a boosted engine performance and extended life-time can be achieved in more environmentally friendly way. The EVO fuels provide these effects even in main grade due to the extra amount of additives.

The formula of new EVO fuels has been achieved by blending carefully selected components along with state-of-the-art additives, the result being a product that takes 100% care of our customers' engines. MOL paid special attention to the needs of its customers, but also to the latest trends in engine development. During the development of EVO fuels, MOL has improved the components our customers find essential, precisely to meet the specific needs of drivers that are our customers.