Talent Support and Child Healing programs

Cooperation with NGOs

MOL Group established the New Europe Foundation (Új Európa Alapítvány) in 2006 in Hungary to introduce its key initiatives. The MOL Talent Support Programme was rolled out to Slovakia with the help of the Central European Foundation and to Romania with support from the Foundation for Communities. The MOL Child Healing Programme was launched solely in Hungary and in Romania.

The purpose of cooperation with these institutions was identical in all three countries, that is to say, channelling applications into a system and establishing a highly respected board of trustees, involving MOL Group Management and external expertise. The board is in charge of selecting the best candidates in any given category such as sports, the arts and sciences.

MOL Group has been assisting young talented people through its public utility foundation since 2006 and so far has helped more than 7.100 young people in sports and those preparing for careers in classical music or the sciences. In Hungary, almost 4.700 young talented individuals have received support in excess of EUR 1,860.000. In Romania, more than 1,950 children received support int he amount of EUR 770,000 and in Slovakia, more than 450 children with nearly EUR 650,000 donation.

MOL Talent Support Programme

The Arts and Science category of the programme has supported the talented young for nearly a decade by refunding the cost of materials or travel expenses. Beneficiaries get the chance to study under all the conditions necessary for their further development.

The Sports category provides help to young sportspeople providing them with financial resources for better training, equipment, special clothing, event registration and travel. In Slovakia, the programme is designed for primary and secondary school students as well as those in colleges and universities - artists, scientists and athletes who have achieved excellent results in the domestic and international scenes.

Child Healing Programme

This programme operates in Hungary and Romania, supporting institutions and non-profit organizations which promote the psycho-social rehabilitation of chronically ill children and also strive to help physically or mentally handicapped kids to recover. These institutions offer various alternative therapies and healing methods through drama, dancing, fine arts and film, while dogs and horses are also involved.

Talent Care Award

The Talent Care Award, first established in Hungary and then later as the Mentor Award in Romania, recognises the efforts of teachers, mentors and coaches who encourage young sportspeople and artists from their very first efforts.

Special programmes

MOL Group has initiated special programmes that operate exclusively in Hungary. The Media for Talents Award is granted to journalists who have successfully introduced talented young people. The THANKS! (“KÖSZ!”) Programme aims to encourage collaboration between NGOs and educational institutions so as to implement new school community service projects.