Social Investments in Upstream Operational Areas

Investing in the communities of the host countries of MOL Group’s Upstream operations

MOL Group provides tailor-made support to local communities on its operational areas. Environmental protection, contribution to the economic well-being of local communities, education, sport and healthcare-related programmes are in the core of MOL Group’s social investment strategy.

We have established a position of “Community Relationship Officer” to assist in keeping a continuous information flow between MOL Group and the local communities. The officers are local MOL Group employees from the indigenous population who are the first point of contact points for local communities in connection with business activities. They not only survey the needs of social investment activities, but also help by selecting the initiatives proposed by the locals, while applying central, corporate objectives.
We aim to select and design self-sustaining projects which serve communities on the long term.

Please read our most important social investment projects and how they improved the life of local communities.

Both in Russia and Pakistan MOL Group companies conduct mutual cooperation with the local government aimed on fruitful and effective social and economic development of the areas (renovating schools, social areas, etc.) to achieve integrated development of the relevant cities, villages.

In Pakistan MOL Group launched special Technical Training scholarships that are exclusively focused on vocational training (that revolves around the oil and gas industry) of the locals of the community and Scholarship for Female Students in Oil and Gas programme where MOL Pakistan is going to sponsor the studies of 5 high performing females students in the top three universities in Pakistan who are studying for oil and gas related careers for one academic year. Women in TAL Block will be provided with training in a local technical centre to make themselves financially independent individuals and to contribute to the economic improvement of their households.
In 2018 MOL Pakistan is going to launch a literacy improvement campaign for children as many of them are unable to attend schools because they do not have the means to support their education, even if they are able to pay their school fee. Therefore, through this initiative, books and school essentials (bags, uniforms, etc.) will be handed over to a public school in MOL's operational areas.

Sport plays an important role in the life of local communities. In Pakistan, we organise cricket tournaments for local communities. In Russia we have carried out overhaul repair works of Municipal sports hall in Novoe Usmanovo village to give the chance everyone to get access the sports locally.

MOL Group has been managing healthcare projects in Pakistan since 2010. One of our most successful free medical check-up program is the Eye Camp, and as communities have a very restrained access to good medical facilities. In 2017 MOL Pakistan provided them an ambulance car as an easy & fast access to the hospitals & other health units.

Water security
Securing water both for drinking and irrigation is essential in the Global South, therefore MOL Group has launched several water supply projects. In the water scarce area of the TAL Block, the local communities frequently face shortage of clean drinking water. Therefore MOL Pakistan is going to install filtration units on water sources on its operational areas.