Green Belt program

MOL Group Makes Cities and Communities Green

MOL Group launched its first Green Belt Program in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in 2005. Over the years, the cross-border initiative has become so successful that in 2014 it was extended to Croatia and Italy. Moreover, in 2015 the program reached six countries by launching it in the Czech Republic.

Green Belt Program is implemented in all countries as a joint project of MOL Group and a selected non-governmental organization partner organization, which delivers local knowledge and expertise in environmental matters. The program aims to contribute to the implementation or reconstruction of community green areas and enhances the common realization of local green areas by the active involvement of local inhabitants and organizations.

Over the past ten years, this environmental program has provided at group level support to local communities in more than 10 million Euros, who have planted 210,000 trees, flowers and shrubs in over 2 million square meters of newly green areas.

Power of local communities
MOL Group in Hungary began its greenest project in 2006. The aim was to create more green spaces through projects that supported cooperation with local communities and strengthened general environmental awareness. Candidates could apply in three categories: the establishment of green urban areas, the creation of condominium courtyards and the creation of community gardens.

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One of the oldest and durable social responsibility programmes
In 2006, MOL Romania and the Partnership Foundation launched the Green Belt programme that is divided into two parts, Urban Green Spaces and Natural Protected Areas. The aim of the programme is to improve green areas in local communities and offer aid to preserve protected areas.

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Engagement of local people
Slovnaft launched its environmental programme, Green Oases, in cooperation with the Ekopolis Foundation in 2006. The objective of the programme was to support the creation, recovery and care of ecologically valuable areas with the active cooperation of non-profit organizations, municipalities and schools.

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A new chapter in Sustainable Development
As a newcomer, INA initiated the Green Belt programme in 2014 to spread awareness of the importance of Sustainable Development. Non-governmental organisations and educational institutions were invited to jointly contribute to environmental protection in local communities. The programme comprised co-financing of projects such as afforestation, improvement of green areas, clean-up of the seabed, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, afforestation of areas destroyed by fire, education on ecology and other activities in the field of Sustainable Development.

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The largest community-based environmental campaign
“Let’s clean up the world” was one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns ever, organized by the Legambiente Association in Italy. 80 IES colleagues (IES is a member of MOL Group) joined the initiative locally to clean up the shores of Lake Mantua as the very first, opening action of the Green Belt programme in Italy.

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Green Oases launched in the Czech Republic
The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Group launched in 2015 the first year of the Green Oases grant programme to support projects promoting the revival of green public spaces and water features in the urban environment. The scheme involves the creation or renewal of natural gardens, public spaces with verdure or localities of natural value.

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