Social impact on communities

MOL Group’s Social Engagement Group Practice sets the criteria, steps and methodologies to follow in establishing a relationship with the communities based on the Principles of Engagement in harmony with AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard 2011.

In case of major projects affecting a wider society in the place of operation a Social Investment (SI) programme design should be carried out. The SI programme planning occurs simultaneously with the business project design itself.

Based on the methodology defined in The Social Engagement Group Practice, before decision on an investment or abandonment project proposal sites/operations shall carry out a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) to identify basic information and ideas about wider societal issues. A context study should also include an analysis of existing local opportunities to improve the Company’s effectiveness or strategy execution. These could include:

  • available human resources
  • government capacity
  • physical infrastructure (e.g. waste management, town planning, etc.)
  • and local supplier/contractor capabilities

Social Investment priorities shall be aligned with the oil and gas project development timeline to provide the biggest contribution to the Company in each particular phase of the project cycle.

Engagement of local community members’ (individuals, opinion leaders, non-profit organisations, municipalities, associations etc.) towards the Company must constantly be ensured during operational activities that has effect on the local communities. The engagement process supports the achievement of MOL Group’s business success and strategic objectives by establishing high quality partnerships through:

  • identification of stakeholders
  • resolving issues of stakeholders by:
    • interacting
    • making consensus-based decisions
    • establishing collaborative solutions

In all projects, operations, and also in the event of site abandonments which has significant social impact on the local community the process must be carried out at the earliest phase possible.

We work together with public authorities and social organizations to identify the expectations, needs and aspirations of the communities surrounding our facilities.

The lines of action of the company in terms of social commitment are intended to respond to the needs identified in communities, and are based on the criteria of giving the community the capacity to develop itself. We use the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) methodology.