Strategic Partnerships


The entire energy industry is facing an increasing skill gap due to the large number of experienced professionals who are retiring and the lack of natural science experts on the global labour market. Under these circumstances, employing talented people with the necessary skills and qualifications is essential for the long term stability and sustainability of our business. The Group therefore has strategic partnership with several universities, internationally:

Selected universities include:

  • Budapest University of Technology & Economics,
  • Eötvös Loránd Science University,
  • Universities of Miskolc,
  • University of Pannonia, 
  • University of Szeged. 

Slovnaft has strategic partnership with 5 Universities: 

  • The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, 
  • The Technical University of Košice, 
  • The University of Žilina, 
  • The University of Economics in Bratislava,
  • The Comenius University in Bratislava.

INA has strategic partnership with 3 Universities: 

  • 6 departments of the University of Zagreb (Sveučilišta u Zagrebu), 
  • The University of Split (Sveučilište u Splitu),
  • RIT Croatia.


Starting in 2013, MOL Group initiated a strategic partnership as a Career Support Partner with BEST (Board of European Student of Technology), with the aim to support students of technical studies.

BEST is actively present in 95 technical universities spread in 33 countries, potentially reaching around 1.000.000 technology students all over Europe.

This strategic partnership serves as a platform for strategic recruitment programs (Growww, Freshhh), as well as other partnership cooperation.

Best Board of European Students of Technology