Secondary Schools

MOL Group cooperates closely with secondary schools in its core markets. Since the number of natural scientists and engineers decreases globally, we committed ourselves to promote natural science studies in secondary schools to build a longer-term talent pipeline.

Secondary Schools

Secondary school students in teams of three can apply for our online competition, Junior Freshhh. The competition takes places every autumn in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia for students interested in nature sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and biology.

Tasks differ from school tasks as they require comprehensive logical thinking and deep knowledge, but are manageable for students between 15 and 18 years).

Junior Freshhh can help students to prepare for nature science competitions or even for the high-school graduation.

How does Junior Freshhh look like?

  • Online round that takes 2-3 weeks
  • Live final (inviting the TOP 5 teams)

Best teams in the Live Final are awarded with valuable, cutting-edge IT devices.

Next Junior Freshhh competition starts in Autumn 2016.

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