Students and graduates

MOL Group developed best-in-class talent acquisition programmes to respond the global shortage of talents. By doing so, we aim to safeguard our strategic targets and build a sustainable supply chain of talent for the future.

We build up the talent pipeline with our secondary school programmes and competitions, then continue with university partnerships and gamified student competitions like Freshhh and UPPP. The last pillar is our award-winning fresh graduate programme, Growww, in which we enroll the most talented candidates.

Students and graduates Students and graduates Students and graduates Students and graduates

Students and graduatesWhat has the Growww program given you?
“I came to Prague from Slovakia because of football, but an ankle injury meant I needed a change of career. Growww gave me that. I came to MOL’s Czech operations in December, 2011, and I was in the country's first Growww program. Today, I am setting up the new Sales Center department. This will involve, among other things, planning, the optimization and pricing of fuels, and market intelligence. The management always focused on my progress and gave me real responsibilities.”

Students and graduates'How has working for MOL Group improved your career?
“I began my career at MOL Group in 2010 with the GROWWW program, and then joined the HQ in 2013. The experience has helped me realise that change is a constant opportunity to evolve, and it has challenged the way that I work with unconventional tasks. It has also helped me look for new solutions. This allows me to keep learning and developing, and supports my career progression.”