Our history

The current MOL Group network has been evolving through various acquisition projects during the last 25 years. As a regional retail champion, we follow a multi-brand strategy and provide tailor-made local offers in different countries.

See how our retail presence evolved during last decades:

  • The Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc. (MOL Plc.) was founded in 1991. In the early 90’s, MOL owned fuel stations almost entirely only in Hungary.
  • In 1995, MOL Romania was founded. By 1997, around 20 fuel stations in Romania belonged to MOL, and the number reached 40 by the 2000’s.
  • In 2002, MOL gained majority stake in Slovnaft, which extended the fuel station portfolio with over 300 stations in Slovakia, around 40 in the Czech Republic, and a few in Poland. This is when MOL Group was formed.
  • In 2005, MOL Group took control over 20 fuel stations in Austria, as the company gained majority stake in Roth Heizöle GmbH, Austrian private oil distribution company. Accordingly, by 2005, MOL Group’s retail presence stretched to Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Austria, besides Hungary.
  • MOL Group founded MOL Serbia in 2003, and by 2006 MOL appeared on the Serbian retail market with 11 fuel stations.
  • 2007 was an important year in MOL Group’s history, as the Retail division expanded to Italy with the acquisition of IES (Italiana Energia e Servizi, owning around 180 fuel stations in North-East Italy). Additionally, MOL acquired the fuel retail and wholesale company Tifon in Croatia with 35 fuel stations.
  • In 2008, the company’s retail network was further extended with 22 Bosnian Energopetrol-branded filling stations, as MOL Group together with INA gained majority share in the company in 2007.
  • Between 2003 and 2011, MOL was progressively building up its shareholding in INA (Industrija nafte, d.d.), Croatia’s national oil company. MOL eventually became the largest shareholder of the company (currently it has a 49.1% stake) and in 2009 it gained full management control of INA. The acquisition of shares in INA meant an expansion of MOL’s network by almost 500 fuel stations.
  • During 2014, MOL Group signed several M&A deals in order to extend its retail portfolio. The number of service stations increased by 169 in the Czech Republic, 42 in Romania and 41 in Slovakia.
  • Our regional Retail market coverage and customer base was further extended after signing purchase agreements with ENI and announcing the purchase of over 200 filling stations, as MOL Group took over ENI’s entire network in both Hungary and Slovenia in August 2016.