Other Countries


MOL Group entered Oman in 2006, and currently has a 75% interest in Block 66. It was acquired in 2013 and is located in the Mid-Western part of the country close to the Saudi border. In 2017 geological work continued in the Block, and the company decided to enter the second phase of exploration with involving a partner. The commitment includes one exploration drilling within two years. The 2018 work program includes G&G works in order to identify the drillable prospects.


In Romania, MOL Group’s focus is on exploration of conventional hydrocarbon potential and currently has interest in three licences, 30% in EX-1 and 20% in EX-5 in partnership with Sand Hill PR, and 100% in EX-6 as operator. In 2017 preparation for seismic works started on EX-1 and magnetic survey was completed on EX-5. In 2018 3D seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation are planned on EX-1, and the first exploration drilling will be started on EX-5. Geological assessment will be carried out in EX-6.


INA is involved in exploration and production activities in Egypt since 1989. Currently INA holds interest in East Yidma concession as operator and on 3 concessions in the Western Desert of Egypt (Ras Qattara, West Abu Gharadig and North Bahariya) as a non-operator with several partners. In 2017 four wells were drilled. The work program for 2018 includes drilling of eight wells on North Bahariya and nine wells on Ras Qattara concessions.


INA entered Angola in 1981. Currently INA has 4% interest in two blocks as non-operator with several partners. (3/05 and 3/05A). The 2017 work program included facilities maintenance and well workovers across the 3/05 Block. In 2018 preparatory works will be carried on for upcoming 2019-2020 drilling campaign.


INA announced “force majeure” in February 2012, in line with EU/UN sanctions, and temporarily suspended all its business activities in Syria until the “force majeure” circumstances cease to exist. The reserves in Syria were re-classified into contingent resources, due to the current situation.