The CIS Region


MOL Group entered into a strategic partnership with TPAO by divesting 49% of shares in BaiTex in 2014, while MOL Group remained the operator. Baitugan is a compact field with developed infrastructure, which supports low energy and operational costs. The main target of the work program is to enhance production level with development drillings, workovers, and infrastructure development project.

 2P Reserves (2017 YE): 47.2 MMboe

 Production (2017): 6.2 mboepd



  • In the frame of High Density Drilling Program 53 wells were drilled in 2017 within the planned schedule and budget, and as a result production increased by 8%. In 2018 twenty-one wells will be drilled.
  • In 2017 the well -workover campaign continued with 94 workovers (including commingling, optimization, big scale acid jobs and regular acid treatments) and one frack job. In 2018 the program will continue with 50 workovers and 2 fracks.
  • In 2017 the infrastructure development program continued, including pipeline integrity project (reconstruction of existing pipelines and flow separation), telemetry program, new oil and water pipeline, powerline and road construction. The program aims to reduce the number of pipe leakages and the inherent environmental impact, strives to prevent the scaling and corrosion problems and pursues to utilize formation water. The project will continue in 2018.
  • The full-scale geological model building was maintained in 2017. The Geological and Hydrodynamic Model and the updated Field Development Plan will be completed in 2018.
  • The Yerilkinsky Exploration licenses were relinquished in Q1 2017 due to the lack of perspective.

Baitugan map


MOL Group is in partnership with KMG EP and FIOC in its Kazakh operation in the Fedorovsky Block.

 2P Reserves (2017 YE): 23.5 MMboe


FEDOROVSKY BLOCK (MOL 27.5% WI, non-operated)

  • U-25 well core analysis was progressed.
  • In the frame of Trial Production Project (TPP) Geological Static and Dynamic model building was completed. In 2018 the surface facility conceptual study will be prepared and the basic engineering design will be worked out.
  • Licence extension was requested for Federovsky exploration program.
  • Reserve reconciliation was made on Rozhkovskaya Field. Based on the latest well drilling and updated 3D static and dynamic geological model the rock volume, reservoir porosity and recovery factors were recalculated, which caused 2P reserves reconciliation from 60.4 MMBoe to 23.5 MMBoe.