Freshhh is an online gamified international competition. Students in teams of three members have to build up a new oil company from scratch and make decisions on research and development projects. They will also have to build a refinery for different products and find the best product portfolio to gain profit. The best 5 teams are possible joiners to MOL Group’s unique graduate programme, Growww.

Freshhh consist of three rounds:

  1. On-line Qualification Rounds - technology-focused logic and precision in calculation
  2. Strategy simulation – for TOP 40 teams: strategy simulation on a gas station network where the aim is to make a profit by expanding, investing and networking the portfolio
  3. Live Final – organized for TOP 5 teams

Between 2007 and 2015 Freshhh attracted more than 20,000 students from 76 countries and 250 universities and colleges. Freshhh 2015 achieved a record number of applicants, with over 6,600 students forming 2,210 teams from 70 countries. These numbers are a testament to the fact that MOL Group’s signature online competition has truly become a trademark in the industry, inviting young talents with technical/engineering background to experience what MOL Group has to offer.