Growww, graduate program

MOL Group, through Growww – a graduate recruitment and development program – offers graduates a unique opportunity to start their career at an international company, gain work experience under professional guidance and prove themselves in a cross-cultural working environment.

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MOL Group has won the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award in 2014 with its talent acquisition programs, Freshhh and Growww, judged the Best College Recruiting Programs globally. The award, in its tenth year, is the profession’s most prestigious global award with a jury comprised of leaders from around the corporate recruiting world.


Growww 2014

This is the eight consecutive year that MOL Group offers graduates a unique opportunity to start their career at an international company, gain work experience under professional guidance and prove themselves in a cross-cultural working environment.

This strategic recruitment program is a continuation of the internationally awarded talent acquisition strategy of MOL Group. We offer more than 250 Growww group-level positions from engineering, economics, IT, natural sciences, and social sciences on the group level in 11 countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iraq, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). This year a record number of 25 MOL Group’s companies are participating in Growww. These companies are as follows, by flagships:

MOL: MOL Plc, TVK Plc, MOL-LUB Plc, MOLTrans Plc, TOP Finance Plc, Multipont Program Plc, MOL Serbia, MOL Romania and MOL Slovenija

INA: INA, Crosco, Rotary, STSI and TRS

Slovnaft: Slovnaft, Slovnaft Ceska Rep., Slovnaft Polska S.A., Slovnaft Trans a.s., CMEPS and SMaO

E&P International: Kalegran Ltd., BaiTex, Matyushkinskaya vertical, MOL Pakistan and MOL LUB Russ

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • you are ready to discover new ways of serving people’s energy needs better
  • you are ready to create value for generations to come
  • you want to contribute to success and growth of the company

The application for Growww 2014 are closed. Growww 2015 will be launched in Q1, 2015.

Additional info on Growww program:

Between 2007 and 2013, 1353 graduates joined MOL Group and they make up for 3% of the overall workforce of the company. After finishing a one-year program they continue their career at MOL Group’s companies. Some of them were appointed to their first managerial positions after 2-3 years, while others have started a specialisation process to become experts or specialists.

After all Growwwers are on-board by September 1, Growwwers from all countries are invited for exciting Group Growww Onboarding Days where they have presentation about MOL Group culture, corporate vision/mission/values and current business activities in Exploration & Production and Downstream. On the second day all Growwwers had the opportunity to attend Group Exploration & Production Business Education Program that gave them insight into Group portfolio and activities by Group Exploration & Production managers. Group Exploration & Production Business Education Program is just one part of their development program called Business Education Program which consists of exciting site visit and interesting lectures by Group managers.

They have succeeded...

Afrah Khan

Afrah Khan – Pakistan (2013-2014)

In Pakistan MOL is the first company which has given the opportunity to female trainee engineers to work in E&P field areas as well. The main reason for choosing MOL because they gave me a lot of practical exposure.


Gagea Daniela

Gagea Daniela – Romania (2011 – 2012)

Global Sales Center Analyst - MOL Group

I have always wanted to work in a dynamic and multinational environment, in one of the top industries in the world. Growww was the perfect choice for me!

During the Growww program I had the chance to actively get involved in the Retail and Marketing Department. I started with small tasks performed under the supervision and assistance of the assigned mentor and after a couple of months I was capable to manage complex tasks by myself. What I loved most was the fact that every colleague was open for enquiries and I was always encouraged to challenge and to find alternative paths to current problems. All in all, I had the chance to learn from top managers, to improve and test my abilities to the maximum but, most important, to be aware of the local oil and gas market, while always having an eye on the international activities of the group.

I warmly recommend the program to all new graduates for all the opportunities it brings and for all the skills and knowledge one can develop.


Peter Skrabak

Peter Škrabák – Slovakia (august 2009 – august 2010)

Head of - Support for Trade Card products in Commerce department
Sales person for Key customers – in Wholesale, Commerce department - Part of the Talent team on Commerce department.
Sales person for Key customers for North Slovak region- in Wholesale, Commerce department (March 2011).
Head of - Support for Trade Card products in Commerce department (December 2012).


Doris Ognjan

Doris Ognjan – Croatia (2010)

Credit Risk management Senior Specialist

Through Growww program Ina provides young graduates willing to learn the possibility of working with a quality employer that gives the opportunity to develop personal potential in globally difficult times. I consider this program as high quality. Anyone who wants to work must have Ina as a possible employer, due to its reputation as desirable employer. The opportunity given through Growww & Freshhh programs are not to be missed.