Technical / Professional Development

The competency-based development process is designed for identifying and defining, in a measurable and objective way, the competencies required by each individual in order to perform his or her job-related tasks. We are committed to defining, assessing and developing our employees’ competencies.

PetroSkills was formed in 2001 by an alliance of Shell, BP, and OGCI (Oil and Gas Consulting International) to develop and implement an industry-standard competency solution; this initial group was soon joined by other oil & gas companies and is continuously growing.

In 2009 MOL Group joined the Alliance as member company by adopting PetroSkills’ methodology to bridge competency gaps and to reliably build new technical skills in a timely and cost-effective manner. The adoption of Petroskills’ Technical Competency System significantly speeded up the implementation process and enabled us to adjust to industry benchmarks standards. Currently, MOL Group covers an export pool of more than 2000 professionals in Health, Safety and Environment, Exploration & Production, Downstream Production and Development and Downstream Logistics.