We believe in rewarding great performance. MOL Group compensation schemes are designed to reinforce a merit-based culture by clearly differentiating great results from average ones.

Leadership DevelopmentThe pace of change is accelerating both in and outside of MOL Group; therefore development of the next generation of leaders has never been more vital. We believe the new global era requires strong leadership, as sustained high performance in a fast paced global environment calls for leaders who are capable to excel in tough market conditions while setting the highest standards for themselves and for their teams.

To nurture the next generation of leaders MOL Group has launched two global leadership development programmes: LEAD and Intensity.

LEAD is MOL Group’s Leadership Talent Development Programme designed to challenge the participants and expand their skills through world-class learning curricula and stretching individual and team project assignments.

  • LEAD is structured around two programs for two specific talent pools:
    Leadership Development

  • Emerging Global Leaders’ programme prepares talented experts with no leadership experience and first level leaders with maximum 1 year experience to become outstanding Front Line Leaders.
    Leadership Development
  • Growing Global Leaders’ programme helps seasoned front-line leaders and any mid-level leaders with less than 10 years of leadership experience in managerial role to become outstanding Business Unit Leaders.
    Leadership Development

The 12 months learning journey is built around the 2030 strategy and contains online, classroom, on-the-job and knowledge sharing components. To deliver this in-house programme, MOL Group has partnered with the acknowledged regional Cotrugli School of Business (Croatia), SEED School for Executive Education and Development (Hungary) and the globally renowned Thunderbird Global School of Management (USA).

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development

LEAD is a confirmation of MOL Group’s strong commitment towards the development of our employees.

Intensity is MOL Group’s modular leadership development programme available for all leadership levels. Intensity equips our leaders with sufficient skills to tackle the constantly changing challenges successfully and to ensure that our management speaks the same language, uses the same tools and methods and promotes similar culture across the Group.

The programme offers 15 elective courses for leaders that range from presentation skills to authentic leadership and engages more than 300 participants per year. In 2017 with strong quality assurance we further broadened our offerings with new modules and localized courses, and renewed the content in line with the 2030 Strategy. To deliver this internal modular programme, MOL Group has partnered with global leadership development organization Management Centre Europe.

Leadership Development

The competency-based development process is designed for identifying and defining, in a measurable and objective way, the competencies required by each individual in order to perform his or her job-related tasks. We are committed to defining, assessing and developing our employees’ competencies.

MOL Group strategy calls for development of its human resources. The growing complexity of the global environment, the increasing speed of change, the need for efficiency improvement in Downstream and the new E&P resource plays all require innovation, collaboration, acquisition of new technologies and new technical competencies. 

In order to achieve excellent performance and keep high level of engagement & motivation, the need for continuous capability development of our workforce is always present and properly addressed. Organizational level core competencies are resources and capabilities that serve as a source of competitive advantage for our organization over its rivals, and these competencies are emphasized in strategy implementation efforts. On individual employee level, continuously challenging the current level of our skills, knowledge and experience results in increasing of our individual competencies in their complexity and width. Structured development planning and its roll-out is executed on annual level, through different in-house and external development initiatives and programs. We are planning and executing development activities further to 70:20:10 model, which postulates that 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experience and stretch tasks, 20% comes from feedback received from line manager/mentor/coach/peer, and then 10% is result of formal trainings and courses.