Secondary schools

MOL Group has been maintaining close and regular cooperation with secondary schools. A lack of natural science experts has been observed on global markets as well as local ones. Special attention has therefore been given to promoting natural science studies at secondary schools in order to build a longer-term “supply” for our talent pipeline.


Junior Freshhh

If you are a secondary school student, from Hungary, Croatia or Slovakia and you are interested in nature sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and biology – than apply for our online competition, Junior Freshhh every autumn.

Tasks differ from general competition or school tasks as they request more logical thinking and complex knowledge but not too hard to be manageable for younger students (15-16 years).

The exciting rounds and tasks of Junior Freshhh can help you prepare for nature science competitions or even for your high-school graduation.

You can apply if:

  • you are a secondary school student
  • you are 3 in a team
  • you are interested in natural sciences

How is the competition built up?

  • Online round that takes 2-3 weeks
  • Second round offline
  • Live final

TOP 5 teams in finals are awarded with valuable cutting-edge IT devices.

Next competition starts: 2016 autumn


This program is an award for secondary school teachers who play an important role in the orientation of students towards natural science and engineering faculties. The Award means financial and public recognition and emphasizes the importance of impressive teachers and their role in talent management.

Secondary school teachers can be nominated for the best mentor by their former students who are currently university students. Those teachers who raised students’ interest in natural sciences and engineering studies with their passionate work and personality are awarded.

This program is present in Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia, so if you are student in these countries and want to nominate your favorite and inspiring secondary school teacher check relevant local company pages of MOL Plc., Ina and Slovnaft and nominate your teacher in the spring.

MesterM Plagat Amos