Diversity & Inclusion

MOL Group promotes a culture of diversity, creating an environment that allows our global workforce of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to contribute to jointly achieved results without boundaries. Therefore, we keep internationalizing our organizations, advocating high quality knowledge transfer between different generations and embracing diversity which promotes creativity and innovation. This way we attract, engage, and retain top talents to yield greater value to our business.

Diversity and inclusion matter in MOL Group.

A diverse and inclusive workforce lead to better business outcomes and differentiate us as an organization by establishing our competitive advantage in the marketplace. A diverse population that feels welcome and respected will also allow for creation of different ideas or new approaches to doing things. It is proven by recent studies that diversity leads to better problem-solving, decision-making, increased innovation and at the end boosts the business results of the company. Therefore our call for action puts forward an agenda to support diversity.


At MOL Group our vision is to build a stronger company by fostering an inclusive culture that leverages diversity as a competitive advantage. With great support from the business leadership teams, we are committed to promote in MOL Group a culture of diversity and inclusion, to create an environment that allows our global workforce of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to contribute to jointly achieved results. Therefore, we keep on internationalizing our organizations, we advocate high-quality knowledge transfer between different generations and we embrace diversity that promotes creativity and innovation. By doing so, we attract, engage and retain top talents to yield greater value to our business.

MOL Group’s Diversity strategy addresses 3 key elements: internationalization, the retention of young talents and the knowledge transfer between generations.

One of our remarkable achievements in the internationalization process is the first group of female employees in MOL Pakistan (7 newly-hired female trainee engineers) that have been put through the Growww Program. Therefore MOL Pakistan was the first company in the country where female engineers started working on the field.

To support the second pillar of the diversity strategy, MOL Group Diversity employee value proposition was created last year to support the attraction and retention of young talents (Generation Y). Also last year we kicked off one important project that will soon launch the technical career ladder for E&P workforce. MOL Group Women Leadership Network was initiated almost 2 years ago to strengthen internal female leaders’ communication, collaboration and professional network and to promote the knowledge transfer between different generations.

To further support the Diversity & Inclusion strategy we designed a comprehensive framework that will provide new initiatives and it will support our organization with the tools to identify and address systemic barriers in order to build a diverse and inclusive workforce broadly represented. It provides the means to integrate diversity and inclusion values and practices into existing corporate processes, and enable progress and results to be measured departmentally and corporately.

At MOL Group we are opened to new initiatives which will be launched under Diversity & Inclusion framework this year: FEMMe Program (integrated program for female geoscientists and engineers’ attraction, retention, networking and career advancement in MOL Group), Diversity & Inclusion Champion’s community and Employee Resource Groups (employee resource groups are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for members and organizations by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives).

At MOL Group we are also committed to equal opportunities for all employees and job applicants irrespective of age, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, sex or sexual orientation. In MOL Plc and TVK (two largest MOL Group companies in Hungary) there are “equal opportunity plans” in place, defining tangible actions on how to support vulnerable employee groups.