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Our main objective remains attracting talent and securing sufficient talent onboard. These objectives were successfully fulfilled with initiation of symbiosis of Freshhh, our online international student competition, and Growww, our graduate recruitment and development program, as two main pillars of our talent acquisition strategy.

At MOL Group every role can be an integral part of a career journey. Employees are provided a series of challenging tasks and through completion of these tasks they acquire new experiences, learning and knowledge. Our objective is to ensure opportunities that provide continuous development for employees and also contribute significantly to the success of our company.

MOL Group offers international job opportunities and a combination of a diverse cultural environment and professional experience that could not be gained elsewhere. Working at MOL Group you will acquire an experience of a lifetime.

MOL Group promotes a culture of diversity, creating an environment that allows our global workforce of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to contribute to jointly achieved results without boundaries. Therefore, we keep internationalizing our organizations, advocating high quality knowledge transfer between different generations and embracing diversity which promotes creativity and innovation. This way we attract, engage, and retain top talents to yield greater value to our business.