Shareholders (General Meeting)

The general meeting is the supreme body of the Company consisting of the totality of shareholders.
The general meeting, as the main decision-making body, enables shareholders to make decisions on issues that are of a material nature concerning the operations of the Company, to approve actual corporate governance actions and to exercise effective governance and control rights.

Exercising the shareholders’ rights, general meeting participation

Voting rights on the general meeting can be exercised based on the voting rights attached to shares held by the shareholders. Each “A” Series share entitles its holder to one vote. The actual voting power depends on how many shares are registered by the shareholders participating in the general meeting.

Condition of participation and voting at the general meeting for shareholders is that the holder of the share(s) shall be registered in the Share Register. The depositary shall be responsible for registering the shareholders in the Share Register pursuant to the instructions of such shareholders in line with the conditions set by the general meeting invitation. According to Article 8.6 of the Articles of Association: „Each shareholder – at the shareholder’s identification related to the closing of the share registry prior to the next general meeting –, shall declare whether he, or he and any other shareholder belonging to the same shareholder group as specified in Articles 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 holds at least 2% of the Company’s shares, together with the shares regarding which he asks for registration.” If the conditions described in the previous sentence are met, the shareholder requesting registration is obliged to declare the composition of the shareholder group taking into account the provisions of Articles 10.1.1 and 10.1.2.
Furthermore, the shareholder shall, on the request of the Board of Directors, immediately identify the ultimate beneficial owner with respect to the shares owned by such shareholder. In case the shareholder fails to comply with the above request or in case there is a reasonable ground to assume that a shareholder made false representation to the Board of Directors, the shareholder’s voting right shall be suspended and shall be prevented from exercising it until full compliance with the said requirements.

According to Article 10.1.1 of the Articles of Association: „No shareholder or shareholder group (as defined in Article 10.1.2 of Articles of Association) may exercise more than 10% of the voting rights with the exception of the organization(s) acting at the Company’s request as depository or custodian for the Company’s shares or securities representing the Company’s shares (the latter shall be exempted only insofar as the ultimate person or persons exercising the shareholder’s rights represented by the shares and securities deposited with them do not fall within the limitations specified here below).”

In accordance with Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (hereinafter: “Civil Code”) the shareholders have the right to participate, to request information and to make remarks and proposals at the general meeting. Shareholders are entitled to vote, if they hold shares with voting rights. The shareholders having at least one per cent of the voting rights may request the Board of Directors to add an item to the agenda of the general meeting. Where a group of shareholders together controlling at least one per cent of the votes in the Company propose certain additions to the agenda in accordance with the provisions on setting the items of the agenda, or table draft resolutions for items included or to be included on the agenda, the matter proposed shall be construed to have been placed on the agenda if such proposal is delivered to the Board of Directors within eight days following the time of publication of notice for the convocation of the general meeting, and the Board of Directors publishes a notice on the amended agenda, and on the draft resolutions tabled by shareholders upon receipt of the proposal. The conditions to participate in the general meeting are published in the invitation to the general meeting. Invitations to the general meeting are published on the company website according to the Articles of Association. The ordinary general meeting is usually held in April, in line with the current regulations.

The ordinary general meeting, based on the proposal of Board of Directors approved by the Supervisory Board, shall have the authority to determine profit distribution, i.e. the amount of the profit after taxation to be reinvested into the Company and the amount to be paid out as dividends. Based upon the decision of the general meeting, dividend can be paid in a non-cash form as well.

The starting date for the payment of dividends shall be defined by the Board of Directors in such way as to ensure a period of at least 10 working days between the first publication date of such announcement and the initial date of dividend distribution. Only those shareholders are entitled to receive dividend, who are registered in the share register of the Company on the basis of shareholders identification executed on the date defined by the Board of Directors and published in the announcement on the dividend payment. Such date relevant to the dividend payment determined by the Board of Directors may deviate from the date of the general meeting deciding on the payment of dividend.

Relationship with the shareholders

The Board is aware of its commitment to represent and promote shareholders’ interests, and recognises that it is fully accountable for the performance and activities of the MOL Group. To help ensure that the Company can meet shareholders’ expectations in all areas, the Board continually analyses and evaluates developments, both in the broader external environment as well as at an operational level.

Formal channels of communication with shareholders include regular announcements, the annual report, the half-year report and quarterly earnings reports, furthermore extraordinary announcements. Regular and extraordinary announcements are published on MOL’s website, on the Budapest Stock Exchange (primary exchange), on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and on the Capital Market Information Disclosure System operated by the National Bank of Hungary (Magyar Nemzeti Bank). Moreover we send e-mail announcements to those who subscribed to the distribution list of e-mail announcements of Investor Relations and to the international and domestic media. In addition, presentations on the business, its performance and strategy are given to shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. Regular Roadshow visits are also made to various cities in the UK, the US and Continental Europe where meetings are held with representatives of the investment community, including MOL’s shareholders and holders of MOL’s Depository Receipts (DR). Furthermore, investors are able to raise questions or make proposals at any time during the year, including the Company’s general meeting. Investor feedbacks are regularly reported to the Board of Directors.

MOL has an Investor Relations department which is responsible for the organisation of the above activities as well as for the day-to-day management of MOL’s relationship with its shareholders (contact details are provided in the “Shareholder Information” section at the end of the annual report). Extensive information is also made available on MOL’s website ( ), which has a dedicated section for shareholders and the financial community. MOL has always paid special attention to provide a considerably wide range of information to the capital markets, in line with international best practice. Therefore Investor Relations Department of MOL is continuously renewing its website (direct link at: ). The aim of the development is to make the website even more user-friendly, in line with the intention to continuously improve our services. These enable us to meet the expectations of our shareholders, analysts and other capital market participants more effectively.

In 2017 MOL conducted a total of 15 days of roadshow and participated in 16 conferences in the U.S. and Europe, having around 300 meetings with potential and existing shareholders and bondholders. Investor engagement in November-December 2017 was dedicated to give an update to the investment community on MOL’s long-term strategy (MOL2030), summarizing the key steps taken and those upcoming in the near future.