Prohibition of Insider Trading

MOL Group is committed to the fair trade of securities admitted to public trading.

MOL Group employees are expected:

  • not to acquire or dispose of MOL or other company‚Äôs shares or other financial instruments for their own account or for the account of a third party, directly or indirectly, do not withdraw or modify orders related to the above financial instruments, do not give order or instruction for this, do not induce another person to do so and do not suggest or accept decisions connected to the above financial instruments, if they are in possession of insider information,
  • not to disclose insider information to persons not belonging to MOL Group except they are empowered in writing to do is,
  • to be careful when disclosing insider information even within the employees of MOL Group, to hand over information only in the possession of a permission and to the extent necessary to carry out work,
  • to protect insider information from accidental disclosures to the public.