Experienced Professionals

Do you have at least three years' of experience and are up for a new challenge? MOL Group offers you the opportunity to work in the most exciting industry!

Experienced Professionals

As an experienced professional you can dive into many interesting fields and connect with colleagues working in more than 30 countries.

We are market leaders in our core markets, that’s why we are seeking for experienced professionals who bring their expertise and drive us forward. You will join us as an expert or manager and you will be able to use and also extend your knowledge from the beginning.

Once you get in, you will see why people choose to stay with us for some time. We have a competetive renumeration package and development opportunities in place to fuel your motivation during your career at MOL Group.

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You are ready to discover new ways of serving people’s energy needs better
  • You are ready to create value for generations to come
  • You are ready to work in teams, cooperate in an international environment
  • You want to contribute to success and growth of the company

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Experienced ProfessionalsWhat’s the most satisfying MOL Group project you’ve worked on?
“The Offshore Production Optimization (OPO) project, which undertook detailed analysis of the hydrocarbon production system in the Adriatic. The objective was to identify production optimisation opportunities, and to propose an action plan. During a few hot summer months, our team took toured 18 offshore platforms and became familiar with INAgip (an INA and Eni Joint Venture Company) infrastructure. Working with different experts was fulfilling and fun, and produced a detailed report with suggestions for possible improvements.”

Experienced ProfessionalsWhat role does 'safety' play in your day-to-day work?
“Our fleet goes travels the globe each day, transporting dangerous and hazardous goods. Colleagues, society and our environment are potentially exposed to accidents that can cause personal injuries, asset damage and major pollution. It is very important that we don’t let that happen. Safety is our top priority and plays a key role in making investment, procurement and day-to-day operational decisions.”