Career & Development

At MOL Group every role can be an integral part of a career journey. Employees are provided a series of challenging tasks and through completion of these tasks they acquire new experiences, learning and knowledge. Our objective is to ensure opportunities that provide continuous development for employees and also contribute significantly to the success of our company.

Besides achieving business results, behaving in line with MOL Group’s values and leadership excellence are equally important; our managers need to be able to attract, retain and develop our talents, and create a positive and collaborative team spirit and working environment.

MOL Group Values:

  • Success and Growth - moving ahead
  • Courage and Decisiveness - to act without fear and overcome frontiers
  • Team-work and Partnership - together, leaving no one behind
  • Expertise and Responsibility - through more intelligent solutions

In our industry, functional excellence and understanding how our business and value chain work is essential for successful collaboration. We encourage our employees to gain experience in areas that are different from their original qualification by taking advantage of our rotation opportunities or by participating in project assignments. Therefore a career at MOL Group means the possibility not only to climb up the leadership ladder, but also horizontal rotations, enriching your functional knowledge and experience base.

In MOL Group we differ between leadership and expert career path. Employees who are identified as having leadership potential through the Annual People Cycle process of Performance & Career Management, and express strong motivation and willingness to pursue a leadership career path, are continuously assessed and developed to be ready to take over potential managerial roles when the opportunity arises. Those employees who are excellent performers and are keen on  developing further their professional expertise, are steered in the direction of an expert career path, with constant improvement of key knowledge and skills’.

We believe that our business strategy and growth rate provides exceptional career opportunities for our employees. In the long run, we believe that MOL Group provides an environment which will support individual growth, enable individuals to work on challenging assignments in high-performing teams, and recognize and reward your contribution to our growth.

MOL Group strategy calls for development of its human resources. The growing complexity of the global environment, the increasing speed of change, the need for efficiency improvement in Downstream and the new E&P resource manuevers all require innovation, collaboration, acquisition of new technologies and new technical competencies.

In order to achieve excellent performance and keep a high level of engagement & motivation, the need for continuous capability development of our workforce is always present and must be properly addressed. Organizational level core competencies are resources and capabilities that serve as a source of competitive advantage for our organization over our rivals, and these competencies are emphasized in strategy implementation efforts. On an individual employee level, continuously challenging the current level of our skills, knowledge and experience results in increasing our individual competencies in both their complexity and breadth. Structured development planning and its roll-out are executed annually, through different in-house and external development initiatives and programs. We are planning and executing development activities further towards the 70:20:10 model, which postulates that 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experience and stretch tasks, 20% comes from feedback received from line manager/mentor/coach/peer, and then 10% is the result of formal trainings and courses.


- Leadership Development

- Technical / Professional Development

- Rewarding & retaining employees